What are Sniffie filters?

Sniffie filters are offered in all areas of the service where you need the option to filter down your selection or dataset. The filters are either shown all the time (analytics view) or hidden under the filter icon in the header bar.

Sniffie header bar
Sniffie header bar in product catalogue.
Sniffie header opened with filters in product catalogue
Sniffie header opened in Product Catalogue with filters ready to be used.
Header bar in analytics
Sniffie header bar in Analytics view is always opened.


Filters will drill down into you data set and select only the data you are selecting with filtering. You can select several filters at the same time and that way combine different filters to create a data set you want to use.

How to use Sniffie filters

  1. Click the filter you want to use
  2. Select select filter type (basic / advanced)
  3. Select filter value.
  4. Click Apply. The filter changes to active and all data is fetched using that filter.

How to remove used filters

  1. Click on an applied filter.
  2. Click “Clear”.
  3. The filter is now inactivated and all data is fetched using that filter.