The price matrix in Sniffie service is a good place to see your market situation. This information is useful for making decisions on setting new prices. On our customers’ request, we have built an experimental repricing module to use in addition to price matrix. If you use this module, please leave feedback for our engineers so we can improve your experience.

Please not that this is currently a highly experimental feature. The way you set new prices will change in Sniffie v1.0 based on customer feedback.

How to enable repricing module for price matrix

  1. Navigate to the price matrix.
  2. Enter ?priceSettingMatrix=1 at the end of the url in your browser’s address bar and press enter.
  3. Your price matrix will load again. Now there is a check box option under the filter options with a label “Set new prices”. Click the checkbox to enable the feature.
  4. The first column of the price matrix will now contain an input field where you can enter your new.
  5. As you export the price matrix, your new prices are automatically set. You can now import this to any system you desire using export button in the price matrix.