Sniffie Nightly is the staging and the final ground for the newest features. It is updated every day at 14pm UTC with the latest stable features. It can be updated during the day as well. When you have a Sniffie account, you may choose to use Sniffie Nightly instead of the production version to see what’s coming. Sniffie support may also instruct you to check out your desired features at Sniffie Nightly before it’s released to the public. However, due to its nature being the final testing ground, some features may be broken at times.

Once Nightly testing for new features has passed, they are transferred from Nightly to production each Sunday around 14pm UTC. Note that some features may remain in testing at Sniffie Nightly for a few weeks before their transfer to production. That is, not every feature may be transferred every week.

There may be additional transfers during the week. These occur mostly at 14pm UTC.

Sniffie Nightly shows a notification message when you visit the page
Sniffie Nightly displays a notification every time you visit the page.