If you have trouble using the Sniffie API or product feed, please go through the following steps to make sure that everything is in order.

Is your account active?

Only active accounts can use Sniffie API. Check if you can login to Sniffie online service. If you are having trouble, just follow this guide.

Are you using a fellow account?

Unfortunately Sniffie fellow accounts don’t support Sniffie’s API at the moment.

Have you revoked the product feed access?

Please see that the product feed link that you want to access is still active.

Have you removed your data sources related to the API query?

Unfortunately removed items cannot be requested via Sniffie API. Please first request the data via Sniffie API and only then remove the data.

Have you disallowed API access?

You can disable/enable web API access in your account page. It needs to be enabled for Sniffie API to work properly.

Have you renewed your API key?

If you use old API links and have renewed your API key, you need to update your API link to match your new API key.

Are you trying to see results of a recent sniff?

Sniffie may take a while to extract your data in fresh extractions. Record mode sniffs may take longer than normal sniffs. Be patient and wait for a moment.

Still having trouble?

Contact Sniffie support, we’ll see what we can do!