Product Match is a cornerstone feature in Sniffie. It enables you to monitor products against relevant competition. Product Match is done in the Product Catalogue view and stored into everything you do in Sniffie.


Confirming a product match suggestion

When you click open a product row, Sniffie will show you the suggested matches that it has found. Those Product Matches can be confirmed by clicking the Confirm button. The confirm button appears when you have selected at least one row of products to be confirmed.

You get more information on what you are about to confirm by hovering the “Status” field of the product. If the product you are about is already an existing product match group, the status of the product is “Existing match group”.

If you use dynamic store names, the products for all of the stores in that website are automatically an unconfirmed product group. That is, the product goup will always consists of the same product within different stores. For example, having 10 different physical stores for one website will have an exact product group of 10 items in unconfirmed status.  Changing any of the products in a physical store to another group will transfer all other physical stores to this new product group as well.

If you, for some reason, really need to reset the match status of these “confirmed without match” products, please contact Sniffie support. In addition, if you want to confirm all of Sniffie’s suggested matches without any human oversight, also contact Sniffie support.

Adding additional products to a match group outside of Sniffie’s initial suggestions

As of November 2017, Sniffie will suggest the most relevant matches per store. However, sometimes the website may have multiple products that you want to be included in the product group or Sniffie’s suggestions may be wrong. In such cases, you can add search for another product by clicking Add Product button at the bottom of the product match table. This will open a product search modal. This allows you to search for any products within your product catalogue and return 10 results at the time. By clicking on the product link inside the product name (indicated with the link icon),  a new tab will open and you will be taken to that product’s page in the online store. For more tips on how to use Sniffie’s product search efficiently, read this guide.

You can select the match type similarly from a drop down menu. When you select the product for a match, it will appear at the top of the modal. You can then search for another product or load more search results. When you are finished, just click the save button. This will confirm the desired product relations.

Changing the Match Type

Match Type (Exact, Substitute) can be changed while confirming the match. Just click on the drop down menu and choose the type before confirming. If you accidentally select a wrong match type, just change the match type and confirm the match again. It’s that simple.

Sniffie Match types

Product Match has two different levels:

1. Exact
2. Substitute


Exact match means that your product and the competing products are the same e.g. Coca-Cola 150ml and Coca Cola 1,5dl. This is what Sniffie Algorithm is trying to find and it is the given type for any match.


A Substitute product might be a competing one through a use case e.g. Wooden floor vs. Plastic floor of the same level.

How to use exact and substitute matches?

Certain organization have different approaches as to what are exact and substitute matches. It doesn’t really matter if you use labels of exact and substitute differently than explained above as long as you stick to similar strategy across all your products. 🙂

Removing a confirmed product match relation

Confirmed product matches can be removed from an existing product match group selecting the desired products and clicking the “Remove matches from group” button. This action will create a new match group containing the selected products. Unconfirmed product matches do not need to be removed: these are only Sniffie’s suggestions for possible matches.