Product feed manager the place for you to see all active product feeds.


Product feed manager is found in the side navigation under database. When you arrive to the page, you are greeted with a table of all active product feeds. If you have no active product feeds, this table will be empty. For a guide to create new product feeds, please refer to this article.

When you click the link in the product feed table, a new tab opens with the link showing you what data will appear via the feed. The data is presented in HTML table format, but can be outputted in JSON, XML or CSV formats. You can just copy the link from your browser for e.g. inclusion to Excel.

Product feed manager overview.
Product feed manager overview. This user has one active product feed link.

Deleting active product feeds

  1. Navigate to your product feed manager.
  2. Select all desired rows.
  3. Click the trash bin icon in the table action bar.
  4. Selected product feeds will now be deleted. You can no longer the information behind these feed links anymore.

Please note that if you delete product feed links and have active integrations for e.g. dynamic pricing with these links, the integrations break.