Sniffie’s online service is a powerful tool but requires you to give Sniffie a signal that you have just extracted data from the web that you need to. Empty product catalogue is often a sign that you have not given Sniffie such signal. Please read this article for troubleshooting.

Have you extracted data any data with Sniffie?

Of course there is no data in your product catalogue unless you use Sniffie’s web data extraction capabilities to put some data in the product catalogue in the first place. 🙂

Have you extracted data with Sniffie’s predetermined column names?

Only data that has a column “Product name” and “Price” is saved to Sniffie’s ecommerce analytics platform. Without these columns all extracted data is treated as basic web data extraction and are not imported over to Sniffie’s ecommerce analytics platform. Read more on how to name columns in the Sniffie table.

Currently Sniffie only understands English. Our engineering team is working on bringing Sniffie’s processing capabilities to other languages.

Note: Sniffie extension v. contains an unfortunate bug which causes very specific website structures to contain wrong information or no information if unnamed columns are removed. This will be fixed in v0.7. As a quick fix, don’t remove unnamed columns in affected extractions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have you removed all products from your product catalogue?

If you forcibly remove all products from your product catalogue, Sniffie will never put those products back to your product catalogue. Thus make sure that you really want to remove those products from your product catalogue before removal.

Do you get no rows in the raw data for your new data extractions?

Contact Sniffie support. This should never happen. Sniffie engineering is very interested to troubleshoot such causes.

Still having an issue?

No worries, just contact Sniffie support!