This article explains how to prepare for the Sniffie onboarding training. The training is an essential part of the Sniffie onboarding process and thus preparation for the event is crucial. Below you can find a checklist that you should go before you come to the event or webinar.

Technical requirements first

Web browsers

You need to have a latest release of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Unless you have those, please download or ask your IT department to help you to get those browsers. These are a must have as Sniffie only supports Firefox and Chrome.

Login details

Have you been provided with Login details? If not, contact your organisations main user to receive one. Note: that email needs to be exactly right as we use use 2 Factor Authentication that can be changed from our Account Settings under My Account.

Enable cookies for your browser

Sniffie uses your browser cookies to offer you a safe usage of Sniffie service. That said we are unable to offer you the service without you having cookies enabled. If you cannot login to your account please make sure you typed your account details correctly and have your cookies enabled. Here is instructions for Firefox and Chrome.

First Login

Try that you are able to login to the serviceHere is how to do it. 

Sniffie browser extension

NOTE: if Sniffie data team handles data extraction for you, you don’t need to worry about this step.

To be able to get data from the web you need to download our latest extension version. Here are the instructions on how to do that. When you have downloaded the extension please verify that you can log in to the extension with your credentials.

Basics of the service and Sniffie inftrastructure

Sniffie is a service that is currently offer in Beta and also more experimental Nightly sites. You should also get acquinted to the Sniffie Support site where we add all the relevant issues with notes on how to fix those. Below you can find the basic training programme so please get acquinted to it and if there are special reguests mark those up and note us at the beginning of the training so we can go through those in detail.

 Training agenda Yes/No
1. Basics of the service
2. Sniffie process and usage
3. Planning on data extraction
4. Extracting data and training
5. Database handling and product catalogue
6. Matching products
7. Using filters and tags
8. Using email reports
9. Using analytics
10. Integrating Sniffie analytics to pricing process
11. Integrations
12. My Account
13. Discussion and Problem Solving

Planning on data extraction

NOTE: if Sniffie data team handles data extraction for you, you don’t need to worry about this step.

If you will use our webdata extraction tools (aka you are going to Sniff) it is good to start thinking of where and how to get the data. Here are instructions on what type of data you should make sure you collect.

Competitor sites and categories

Write down the competitor sites and categories you will want to collect.

Sniffing details

Before you start determine what type of fields you have available. The basic  idea is simple: The more you can extract the more you can benefit. This is especially important in matching products.  Very handy way is to try to collect industry wide codes such as EAN, UPC, product codes or other codes that can be used as basis for automatic matching. Below is a checklist for the Sniffing.

Data extraction fields Yes / No
Product name
Product image
Original price
Comparison price
Product code
Other details?
Add rows if needed
Note: the data can be collected daily only if the data is on category page. Otherwise product details can be collected with enrichment only once. Only available fields will be collected.


Extracting data and training it

To be sure you have an understanding on the basics of the sniffing please try out with some industry sites you will be sniffing and if any problems send those to us through Sniffie Support Chat. The chat can be opened by clicking the chat icon once. The operator is live always when the chat icon is on. If the operator is not in the caht the chat is turned to offline ticket window where you can leave your issues. All tickets are monitored and you will receive a notification when your ticket is solved.

Sniffie Support Chat
Sniffie Support Chat is located in the down right corner of the screen.



Getting started with Sniffie

Just to wrap up your preparations you should also read this article that has gathered all the relevant data.

With these instructions you are well prepared for the training session.