Sniffie online service experience is enhanced with the ability to extract product pictures from any websites. This is especially useful in product matching for both you and Sniffie. Pictures help you to differentiate between different products and will enhance Sniffie’s ability to make better matches. If you don’t have any product pictures available, use this guide to find out why.

Have you extracted product pictures in your sniffs?

Sniffie online service will not serve pictures unless you have extracted the pictures with “Product image” column name. Make sure that you select the column that contains the product pictures. Sniffie is relatively intelligent in its extraction procedure, so if you are, for some reason, unable to select the actual product picture column, just select any of its parent column and Sniffie still extracts the correct pictures for you.

Did Sniffie manage to get picture URLs for all products?

Sometimes websites use techniques such as lazy-loading that only load pictures whilst they are shown in the browser window. If you extract data from such websites, make sure to use Sniffie’s record mode. An easy way to see if you have managed to extract all picture URLs is to check the sniff results via a fast API link.

Are the picture URLs correct?

If the picture URLs are incorrect, of course not images can be extracted. Contact Sniffie support in such cases, so we can fix the main cause in Sniffie backend.

Is this the first time you are looking at these pictures in Sniffie online service?

Due to the very large amounts of image data extracted by our users, the pictures you extract are only saved to Sniffie’s online platfrom on a “lazy-load” basis. That is, those pictures are extracted to our image servers only when they are first requested via our online service. If you see a “not yet on cloud” icon in your pictures, Sniffie has only just scheduled the images to be extracted in the near future and you’ll see the images there afterwards. Our image servers are fully autonomous and no images are ever removed from the image server on such cases.

To be downloaded image icon
Image download in progress icon

If you see a “no image available” icon even if picture URLs are correct, please contact Sniffie support and we’ll fix the main cause in Sniffie backend.

No image available icon.
No image available icon.

Still unable to see pictures?

Just contact Sniffie support, we’ll sort the problem out with you.